ValueNet Video

ValueNet Video

Innovation in hybrid appraisals has resulted in new options that are more accurate and compliant than past alternative valuation methods – while still providing a low cost and quick turn time. ValueNet™ by Accurate Group is the market leader in hybrid appraisal products and desktop appraisal technology.

Watch the ValueNet video for an overview of the ValueNet appraisal technology platform. With both interior and exterior inspection options, support for loans over $250,000 and a 17-year track record, ValueNet can help you improve the profitability of your home equity, HELOC and portfolio loan businesses.

Contact ValueNet today to learn how the ValueNet hybrid appraisal suite can help you shorten appraisal turn times, lower appraisal costs and ensure regulatory compliance.

Improve your business with ValueNet:

Faster turn times, lower costs and better compliance
USPAP-certified appraisal processes
Interior inspection option
Support for loans >$250K
Crowdsourcing of local inspectors for more accurate data
Innovative technology for faster, more accurate appraisals
Valuation compliance report for added peace of mind