Compliance Report

Valuation Compliance Report

Ensure valuation compliance and lower your risk.

Compliance is no longer an option to be successful in the real estate lending market. The need to balance compliance and risk management with speed, price and quality has become an ongoing challenge. Timely, accurate appraisals that stand up to compliance scrutiny are critical for your success.

Get USPAP-compliant processes and advanced technology with ValueNet.

Any appraisal generated with our ValueNet Appraisal Suite is USPAP-compliant, and the ValueNet solution is reviewed regularly for USPAP compliance. In addition, we can create a Valuation Compliance Report (VCR) for any of our appraisals. ValueNet VCR employs state-of-the-art technology to conduct a thorough, in-depth appraisal review customizable to your unique needs. ValueNet VCR reduces or eliminates redundant lender appraisal review functions, lowering your cost and time burden while also ensuring compliance.

Don’t settle for a standard AMC.

ValueNet is a division of the Accurate Group, the industry’s first and leading appraisal management and compliance company (AMCC)™ – so compliance is engrained in our culture and everything we do.

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Lower your risk with ValueNet:

USPAP-certified appraisal processes
Built-in compliance to ensure adherence to the latest regulations
Thorough data verification
Innovative technology for faster, more accurate appraisals
Valuation compliance report for added peace of mind