Get fast, accurate property condition reports – on demand.

When you need a property condition report (PCR), you want it quickly and you want it to be as accurate as possible. Properties that are geographically dispersed add even more complexity and risk of accurately assessing the condition of properties tied to your real estate loan portfolio. Now you can benefit from a central source for property condition reports nationwide, while still achieving the accuracy that comes with using local data and resources.

Experience the power of mobile technology + local resources.

The GroundWorks platform from ValueNet combines the power of mobile technology, local resources and crowdsourcing to deliver the fastest, most accurate property condition reports regardless of where in the U.S. the property is located. Using the GroundWorks mobile app and software-as-a-service platform, you can issue and manage PCR requests on demand and gain instant access to locally-sourced, pre-screened appraisers and certified property inspectors, pricing information, PCR status and more.

Nationwide source for real estate appraisals and PCRs.

GroundWorks is the go-to mobile solution for real estate appraisals and property condition reports – increasing the efficiency of the PCR process and accelerating the delivery of accurate, high quality valuations. Combine the market-leading ValueNet appraisal suite with GroundWorks to streamline and accelerate your real estate loans nationwide.

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Advantages of GroundWorks:

Nextgen technology delivers strategic advantage
More accurate PCRs generated by local sources
Greater control and visibility in managing PCRs via an on demand mobile app
Single source for accessing PCR services nationwide
Consistent report format and data fields across all PCRs
Focus on quality with pre-screened, certified provider network
Single source for both appraisals and product condition reports