Portfolio Analysis

Portfolio Analysis

Get an accurate picture of your real estate portfolio valuation.

The success of your real estate lending business is tied to the performance of your loans, and fluctuations in the economy can have a significant impact on the properties tied to those loans. Visibility into current property values is critical to maintaining an accurate assessment of your real estate portfolio value and managing exposure to risk.

Improve visibility and lower risk.

The ValueNetâ„¢ Appraisal Suite provides an alternative to traditional residential real estate appraisals and drive-by appraisals. Combining innovative technology with local appraiser expertise, ValueNet delivers detailed USPAP-compliant appraisals that can be completed from a desktop or packaged with exterior, interior or neighborhood inspections.

ValueNet gives you all the options you need to enhance visibility across your portfolio, improve property assessments, and develop and maintain an accurate valuation of your nationwide real estate portfolio.

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Advantages of ValueNet:

Appraiser-led analysis and valuation, not a real estate agent
More accurate than standard desktop or drive-by appraisals
Exterior and interior inspections available
Fast turnaround time
Provides both qualitative and quantitative analysis
Proven market leader
Nationwide coverage, single point of contact