About Us

About ValueNet

ValueNet provides residential real estate lenders and servicers with an alternative to costly, inefficient appraisal techniques. By combining innovative technology, desktop appraisal processes and locally sourced appraisers, ValueNet is able to deliver accurate appraisals and property condition reports faster and at a lower cost than traditional solutions.

Unlike other desktop appraisal products, ValueNet uses vetted local data sources and certified local appraisers to conduct a thorough assessment of each property – resulting in a fast, accurate, regulatory-compliant valuation.

ValueNet is the market leader in alternative valuation products and a division of Accurate Group, a leading appraisal management, title information and compliance company.

Why ValueNet?

Greater accuracy – appraisals completed by local certified appraisers
Faster results – as fast as next business day turnaround
More comprehensive range – available for single family, townhome and condo properties
Better processes and technology – quantitative and qualitative appraisal methodologies, scalable technology platform and USPAP-compliant processes to ensure regulatory compliance
Innovative mobile app – GroundWorks leverages crowd-sourcing to get fast, accurate local property condition reports